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Bah [Mar. 18th, 2008|11:35 pm]
[mood |pensivepensive]

I'm a Hindu now actually,
yes I've changed religions so many times gosh...
3rd year of uni hope it to be good...still hopin for a lovely lady...hehe
maybe I'm too philosophical though, got a whole mysticism thing going on at the moment(henosis)...
yah, things should be good this year...even if they're bad, happiness can always be found all one needs is that true will...
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yo [Nov. 27th, 2006|10:35 pm]
it's been ages since i've used livejournal..
i've really gotten into myspace..and i'm otherwise just too lazy
to post.. oh and ye i'm a christian again..it's weird well fusion with some elements of native
american stuff..just ask if you want me to explain further..
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19 yrs old [Aug. 25th, 2006|10:02 pm]
19 and 1 day...
last night was great!
we certainly rocked the joint...
i sang shaggy(angel), metallica(and nothing else matters)
and bob marley(is this love).
they actually had footloose! hah...
everybody sang well!! let's hear it for the safety
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lil' rap [Aug. 19th, 2006|08:50 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[mood |determined]

here's a rap
i'm making now:
here's my hope to survive,
i'm living with a vibe,
a rap to get me back
on the track
to success coz
i'm better than the rest..
keep hope lil ones,
ain't no livin on guns,
we gotta look to the future,
we don't want the kids breathing the pollution.

mother nature's got tears in her eyes
she see the ppl putting fire in her skies,
need to reduce the pollution
lets make a contribution,
for the sake of humanity
lets not lose our vanity,
don't destroy the earth
coz the earth gave birth
to everything we have
and everything we need
but when there's nothing more
of the earth we adore,
what can you do?
build a spaceship with a zoo?
ain't no way to build spaceships
when we can't protect the mothership
coz only when we understand
the truth from the land,
can we go into space
and spread the human race
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(no subject) [Aug. 14th, 2006|05:27 pm]
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(no subject) [Aug. 12th, 2006|11:26 pm]
for the people that didn't know
i speak a language called creole(Mauritian),
here's some of it:
lontan lontan,
ti ena en zur kan nu ti ena boku
respekt pu natir, respekt pu zanimo..
long time ago, there was a time when
we had lots of respect for nature and for the animals..
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uncomfortable questions... i can't answer half o dem [Aug. 9th, 2006|11:17 pm]
copied from iamnotadam...

Longest relationship:

-Shortest relationship?
umm, that 1 didn't count so none

-How many people have you broken up with?

-How many times have you truly been in love?
um, hmm... where does lust stop and love start. i might say twice
or maybe just once...

-How many boyfriends/girlfriends have told you that they love you?
nobody loves me....(sooks)

-Have you ever thought that you were going to marry the person you were with?
umm refer to previous qn.s

-Have you ever loved someone so much that it hurt?
yeh and i end up hating them and feeling really sad about it,
even now...

-Have you ever made a boyfriend or girlfriend cry?
refer to above

-Have you ever cried over a boyfriend or girlfriend?
refer to above..

-Are you happy being single or in relationships?
umm... i've never been in a relationship but being single
is good at times.

-Have you ever cheated on a boyfriend or girlfriend?
refer to above.

-Have you ever been cheated on?
refer to above.

-What is the most important PART of being in a relationship?
refer to above.

-What is the worst part of being in a relationship?
ref abov

-Worst relationship(s)?
ref abov

Have you had your heart broken?

-Have you ever broken someones heart?
um, i don't think so, i have been asked out
and said no and maybe so maybe...

-Do you talk to any of your exes?
ref abov..

-What is your ideal boyfriend or girlfriend?

-Do you believe that you are a good boyfriend or girlfriend?
ref abov

-Have you dated people who were not good to you?
ref abov

-Have you been in an abusive relationship?
ref abov

-Have you dated someone older then you?
oh fudge, i don't even qualify for most of these qns


-What is one thing that all of your exes had in common?

-Have you ever cried yourself to sleep over a boyfriend or girlfriend?

-When is the last time that you were in a relationship?

-Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?

-Believe in love at first sight?
used to...

-Ever been given an Engagement ring?
no.. i got a little flower once i was all happy and that.

-Do you want to get married?

-Do you have something to say to any of your exes?

-Ever stolen someones boyfriend or girlfriend?
wanted to several times..

-Ever liked someone else's boyfriend or girlfriend?
yes, yes, yes...

-Do you believe in true love?
it's possible so ye.

-Does heartbreak really feel as bad as it sounds?
maybe but i can be a sook (i don't really cry about it just get all sad and that...)
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(no subject) [Aug. 7th, 2006|01:59 pm]
yesterday was something....!!
me and tom found so many ways to
give away coke bottles, make a maze with them,
block people's walking path with them, make a
bowling alley with them... did that for several
hours... must have given away a few hundred of them..
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cure for forgetfulness, rap story [Aug. 3rd, 2006|10:50 pm]
[Tags|, ]

alright.. they've found
a cure for alzheimer's
but is it possible to use that
 on people with who are slight amnesiacs???

oh and yes... i will be adding raps to these posts...
promise not to sound all lovey-dovey in all of them.

so, i went to the market
looking for a bargain
said to myself...
i need some dinner
get myself some food for good
but  i looked up
and what did i see..
a nice young lady smiling at me,
decided to walk up and say
'hey young lady, what a beautiful day..
but got caught off by this guy named Eddy
looking at me like i was a teddy
saying "Mr Domi. what you think you're doing?
that's my lil sister... and no messing with her!"
"But Eddy, listen, I just got a question.
Can't you see a man with loving grace who
does whatever it takes to give his love, 
and pay attention to the girl's emotion?
Eddy said " Hey, I see, 
that you can't be the one for she is
in love with Mr. G but i kno that love
from yours is of a good cause...
there's more.. plz tell me if you like it and i'll finish it.k
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parts of some rap i was thinking of... [Aug. 3rd, 2006|10:04 pm]
[Tags|, , ]

this is a lil'
of what i remember from a rap i made.

it's the love that makes me hit the ceiling,
the love i get gives me this feeling,
.....( forgotten bits)....
i wish like a bird to
fly and hit the sky
and i know that somebody special
takes me there.
i wish to be with you my love

gotta love every colour,
gotta love every race
coz only love can make me appreciate
that i'm a human being,
u kno what i mean..

i had some more but it's lost in the slight amnesia
that traps my mind... 

gemma, i realised that you were in money trouble..
had a wild idea...listen up:
we go to some suburb and start busking
coz i can rap and sing (bring someone who can play a guitar
and someone else to beatbox)
so how's about it? use the talents we have to benefit ourselves
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